Despre perfecţiune şi dezvoltare

februarie 14, 2013

You Must be Perfect … ” …….. Jesus said, „You must be perfect even as your Father in heaven is perfect.” Does He not thus expect us to be perfect? 

It is regrettable that the words of Jesus „You shall be perfect” were mistranslated by some as „You must be perfect.” The Greek verb (eseste εσεσθε), (εσομαι esomai), ( كونوا ), used in the original Greek, is a verb in the future tense. 

It is a promise which says very clearly that perfection is to be granted in the future by grace. It is an ongoing process of continued growth in the life of Christ of which perfection is the goal. 

In the English translation ( كما في العربية ايضاً ) it is incorrectly translated in the present tense and in the imperative implying that we are expected to reach perfection now. It is not you must be perfect but you shall be ( ستكونون ) perfect. 

Perfection in this life according to Orthodox theology and spirituality is not the state of „I have arrived. I have made it. I am saved.”

Rather, it is the state of „I am on the way. I am moving. I am on a journey. I am growing.” 

Man’s life is never complete even in the Kingdom of God. We shall always be „on the way.” Our very perfection is always to grow more perfect, more like unto Christ. And this is a never-ending process. 

Philokalia, The Bible of Orthodox Spirituality – with thanks to Abouna Mansour


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